Porcelain Veneers

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Carefully designed and structured to compliment your facial features, porcelain veneers look exactly like natural teeth.

If you’re not familiar with porcelain veneers or have never heard of the procedure, then it’s reassuring to know that getting them is fast and straightforward, with virtually no pain and zero downtime afterward. Dr. Mitchmore has done hundreds of veneers, so you will definitely be in the right hands.

Porcelain veneers are a thin layer of porcelain in the shape of a wafer-like tooth. They’re as thin as your fingernails but very durable–strong and just as hard as enamel. Veneers will last many years and are designed to resist staining and chipping.

Creating the right shade of porcelain veneers is very important, especially if all your teeth don’t require them. In addition to color, the size and shape of each tooth must be consistently proportionate. Good quality porcelain veneers require careful hands and an eye for natural design, which Dr. Randy Mitchmore definitely possesses.

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    The level of technical expertise is unsurpassed; however, the level of caring is more important to me as a patient. EVERY member of the team has been so kind, seems to genuinely care about my well-being, and has gone BEYOND what one would normally experience in a healthcare environment. I feel valued and truly cared for at your office; you are most appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Ken Kirskey PhD (Actual LifeSmiles Patient)

    I have been to several dentists in my 55-years but never have I found one as wonderful as a person and a dentist. I have told everybody that I can about Dr. Mitchmore and his staff.

    Michelle H. (Actual LifeSmiles Patient)

    "Whenever anyone would like to get serious about their dental care, Dr. Mitchmore at LifeSmiles is the place to go to. He has the ability to change someone's teeth like you would see on a TV makeover show. His staff is so friendly and non-judgemental that you feel extremely comfortable any time you go to the dentist. I just started going to LifeSmiles a little over a year ago, and now I cannot see myself going anywhere else. I cannot recommend these people enough."

    Keith F. (Actual LifeSmiles Patient)

    Dr. Mitchmore and his staff are absolutely wonderful! They are all friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. They make your entire experience comfortable and thoroughly explain any questions you may have about treatments. I will definitely be a customer for years to come. I would highly recommend to anyone.

    Katie J. (Actual LifeSmiles Patient)