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Man in a dental bib, smiling, and waiting for his new inlay from Dr. Mitchmore

Occasionally, your tooth may become severely damaged due to trauma or severe decay. At LifeSmiles, our first port of call is to assess if a metal-free filling can repair your tooth’s strength and structure. However, if you are in need of a more comprehensive restoration, we may use an inlay or onlay.

Dr. Mitchmore typically recommends these when a large piece of your tooth is missing and needs to be replaced. An inlay or onlay is designed using digital impressions and created at our partner lab. These modern restorations replace the missing part of the tooth with a tooth-colored, strong porcelain material. The non-invasive procedure allows our restorative dentist in Houston to rebuild the tooth structure and thus restore the function of your smile.

Inlays are typically used when the damage is in the center of the tooth. Whereas, onlays are used when the outer surface of the tooth is also damaged. Both inlays and onlays are custom-made and can strengthen your tooth while restoring your health.

Man in a dental bib, smiling, and waiting for his new inlay from Dr. Mitchmore

I like when I go to the dentist, everyone there is nice and makes me feel really good. This is from the employees all the way up to Dr. Mitchmore - love you all!

Charlie M. (Actual LifeSmiles Patient)

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