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Recapture the function and feel of a healthy smile.

Unfortunately, our natural teeth are susceptible to wear and tear. Sometimes teeth can be worn down, cracked, or affected by decay. With our advanced restorative dental solutions, we are able to guide you back to full oral health in the most comfortable fashion possible. Dr. Randy Mitchmore has over 40 years of experience in the field of restorative dentistry. Combining this with our modern technology allows him to gift you with a new smile that restores both function and aesthetics.

We know the importance of keeping your mouth healthy so provide first-class services in the most comfortable of atmospheres. Many of our patients haven’t visited the dentist for years, while others have tried different treatments without success. At LifeSmiles, we take a different approach – a patient-centric approach. This means we aim to give you what you want, always treat you with respect, and pamper you a little too. Plus, Dr. Mitchmore uses his unique abilities to identify the root cause of your problem and provide you with a long-term fix.

Your smile transformation could be just around the corner, so take a look at our restorative solutions below.

Comfortable Services for All

Enjoy zero pain as you gain a new LifeSmile.

Dr. Randy is super sweet but I was most impressed with his extensive knowledge regarding every aspect of dentistry. From teeth, jaws, gums, face muscles and neurosurgical issues to sleep apnea and bite issues, Dr. Mitchmore knew it all and focused not only on the science of dentistry but also the artful aesthetic of my smile. I went in for two chipped teeth but left with a lot more information on other issues Dr. Mitchmore discovered that have been affecting me my entire life. Even better, I received a plan to correct these issues.

Nola P. (Actual LifeSmiles Patient)

We Do It Right!

Dr. Mitchmore believes in getting to the root cause of dental problems and fixing them once and only once.

Save Money

A common source of frustration for dental patients is when certain treatments do not provide a long-lasting solution. At LifeSmiles, we provide Houston dentistry that is done right, the first time. When you receive top-quality care that addresses the primary cause of your problem, you don’t need to worry about repeat appointments or paying out for patched up work. We aim for once fixed, always fixed!


Less Chairtime

We understand that our more nervous patients do not enjoy sitting in the dentist chair (although our chairs are very comfortable). Thanks to the advanced technology available at our office, you can enjoy shorter and less frequent visits. This technology also allows Dr. Mitchmore to more accurately identify and treat the main cause of your dental problem. Thus, you spend less time at our office and more time showing off your smile.

Long-lasting Results

All the restorations available at LifeSmiles are of superior quality and fit. Using long-term solutions such as dental implants, our restorative dentist in Houston is able to offer more permanent results that boost your overall health. Gone are the days of patched up dentistry. When you receive the gift of a LifeSmile, it is designed to have you smiling for life!

Expertly Restoring You to Optimal Health

Discover your long-term smile solution.
LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS
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