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Do you cover your mouth? Are you ready for a change? Then, absolutely!
Attention Smile Dreamers: Does This Sound Like You?
A hand waving a magic wand, wishing he can change his smile
"I wish I can wave a magic wand and update my smile."

What would you like your smile to look and feel like? Tell us, and we can be your Fairy Godmother and turn you into a cosmetic dentistry candidate!

With the power of Houston cosmetic dentistry, we can wave that wand and help you achieve your desired results.

An African-American man thinking about changing his smile and becoming a cosmetic dentistry candidate
"I'm ready for a change. I want my dream smile."

Yes! It’s time you do something for yourself. If you’re dreaming of that perfect smile, let cosmetic dentistry be your saving grace to turn those dreams into reality.

At LifeSmiles, our dental services are designed to last and are customized to your needs.

An older Caucasian woman with her hands folded and hiding her mouth, unable to eat her favorite foods cause of missing teeth
"I'm tired of struggling to eat my favorite foods."

Do you dream of biting into that savory steak or taste the juiciness of an apple? Beautiful restorations can get your smile (and taste buds!) back.

Don’t let missing or severely decayed teeth dictate how to live your life. See how we’ve changed people’s lives with life-changing dentistry.

Let Cosmetic Dentistry Connect You to the Smile of Your Dreams

Dr. Randy Mitchmore can guide you there.
Dr. Randy Mitchmore who is the best cosmetic dentist in Houston and can determine if you're a cosmetic dentistry candidate

Find the best cosmetic dentist in Houston for you.

Cosmetic dentistry is both an art and a science – not just any dentist has the gift to achieve it.

Since 1978, Dr. Randy Mitchmore has been the go-to cosmetic dentist for Houston residents to transform their smiles (and lives!) into beautiful works of art.

If you’re ready to transform your smile, see real stories from people (just like you) who went from an “OK” smile to a “WOW” smile – all under the care of our cosmetic dentist in Houston.

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Check out real cosmetic dentistry candidates who got the "wow" back into their smiles.

  • Chipped and worn teeth

  • Porcelain veneers were not in his budget

Eric's before and after smile who become a cosmetic dentistry candidate
Eric’s Story

Eric was a college communications student. He needed a camera-ready smile to match his ambitions.

  • Chose in-office resin bonding for upper teeth

  • No lab fees

  • Bigger smile = getting the job of his dreams!

  • Missing teeth

  • Gum disease

Diane's before and after smile who become a cosmetic dentistry candidate
Diane’s Story

This beautiful survivor of domestic violence was ready to start a new life. Through Dr. Mitchmore’s participation with the Give Back a Smile program, Diane got a new smile, which was the beginning of a radically new life. Dr. Mitchmore served as the National Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Foundation for over two years. A particularly important volunteer work after learning his own sister, Laura, was a victim. Unfortunately, she was not a survivor.

  • Beautiful cosmetic dentures

  • New smile to start a new life

  • Tiny teeth

  • Worn out teeth

A real patient's before and after smile who become a cosmetic dentistry candidate
Real Patient Story

This powerful female executive was ready for the smile of a lifetime.

  • Upper and lower veneers

  • Crowns

  • Beautiful smile to complement her facial characteristics

  • Old crowns done in many different cities by different dentists

  • Created a patchwork quilt of mismatched shapes and teeth

  • Deep overbite

Elena's before and after smile who become a cosmetic dentistry candidate
Elena’s Story

Elena is a strikingly beautiful woman from Cuba. Having settled in Houston after traveling the world, it was time to replace the dental work done by many different dentists. Now, her smile matches her Latin passion.

  • New bite

  • High-quality dental work

  • Smile matches her Latin passion

  • Seen many dentists in the past with failing veneers

  • Chews ice on a regular basis

  • Broke his front veneer

Michael's before and after smile who become a cosmetic dentistry candidate
Michael’s Story

Michael – a business executive – wanted the strongest restorations possible. He had it when he was left in an embarrassing situation when a veneer broke on his front tooth. He received a beaming new smile with full coverage, ultra-strong crowns.

  • Full coverage of crowns

  • Strong, durable materials to take on ice-chewing habits

  • Beaming new smile

  • Missing teeth

  • Teeth collapsed into the spaces also collapsing the look of her beautiful face

  • Worn teeth

Pam's before and after smile who become a cosmetic dentistry candidate
Pam’s Story

This beautiful Eastern European woman became engaged to one of our existing patients when they discovered their mutual passion for mountain climbing! Good dentistry was not available where Pam grew up, so she came to us with missing teeth. She traveled back and forth from California to finish her treatment. Look at the beautiful results!

  • Uprighted teeth with adult clear orthodontics

  • Dental implants to replace the missing teeth

  • Crowns and veneers for that final touch

  • Used IV sedation for easy, comfortable visits

  • Had many silver/mercury black amalgam fillings corroding, cracked, and leaking

  • Along with many old technologies of porcelain fused to base metal crowns placed below the gum line, gum disease had set in

  • The bite was way off, resulting in headaches, tinnitus, and balance problems

Norma's before and after smile who become a cosmetic dentistry candidate
Norma’s Story

Norma had a LOT of outdated dentistry from many years ago. Dr. Mitchmore used comprehensive dentistry to help restore Norma’s smile, and she got her life back! Norma is featured in Dr. Mitchmore’s first book, The Gift of a LifeSmile.

  • Had all of the metal removed, the gum disease treated, and a new bite established first with bonded orthotics (similar to what is put a shoe to balance leg length differences)

  • Bonded the dental orthotics to the top of the lower teeth to establish and verify a new vertical dimension for the lower face

  • Became a template on how tall to make the replacement crowns

  • Chipped teeth

  • Worn teeth

Fred's before and after smile who become a cosmetic dentistry candidate
Fred’s Story

Fred is an attorney and Christian marriage counselor. He decided it was time to take care of himself. After his wife had her smile restored by Dr. Mitchmore, Fred decided this must be a good place to have his own smile done. He wanted a natural-pleasing look. He got what he wanted!

  • Upper and lower veneers

  • Crowns

  • Missing and worn teeth

  • Gum disease

John's before and after smile who become a cosmetic dentistry candidate
John’s Story

This ruggedly handsome maritime Capitan travels the world but decided to come to Dr. Randy Mitchmore to finally take care of his teeth because he trusted him to not hurt him. John did not want the teeth to look fake by being too straight or too white. People don’t ask, “who did your teeth?” Friends and strangers say, “Wow, what a nice smile you have!”

  • Used IV sedation for comfortable dental visits

  • Had gum disease treated

  • Clear adult orthodontics moved the teeth back into the proper position

  • Ultra-conservative porcelain ceramic veneers recreated a ruggedly handsome look

  • Old crown on the front tooth

  • Other old dental work needed to be replaced

Tila's before and after smile who become a cosmetic dentistry candidate
Tila’s Story

Tila is one high energy woman and executive restauranteur. She knew the old crown on the front tooth needed to be replaced. What she did not realize was how bad the condition was with other old dental work. Years were rolled back on her look. Her new smile now matches the vitality of her personality with a stunning natural beauty that is now so welcoming.

  • Ceramic crowns

  • Veneers

  • Crooked and short teeth

  • Wanted a smile makeover in time for her wedding

Kristan’s before and after smile who become a cosmetic dentistry candidate
Kristan’s Story

Kristan’s fiancé had his smile makeover done at LifeSmiles by Dr. Randy Mitchmore. She wanted a makeover in time for the upcoming wedding. With creative ingenuity, Dr. Mitchmore was able to make thin veneers to cover the misshapen teeth and then use clear adult orthodontics like Invisalign or ClearCorrect to align the teeth after the wedding!

  • Upper veneers to cover misshapen teeth

  • Use clear adult orthodontics to align the teeth after the wedding

  • Gummy smile, which showed too much gums

  • Crooked and worn teeth

  • Ugly, old crowns

Janet's before and after smile who become a cosmetic dentistry candidate
Janet’s Story

Janet liked to smile big and a lot. She did not like the appearance of the teeth and especially how much gum displayed when she smiled. “It makes me feel freakish.” She suffered from what is called a “gummy smile.” With IV sedation to make it comfortable, Dr. Mitchmore surgically lengthened the teeth by lifting the gums up and then mad thin crowns or veneers to reach up and touch the new gum level. What a smile now!

  • Tooth lengthening surgery

  • New crowns and veneers

  • Used IV sedation to make her treatment more comfortable

  • Missing teeth

  • Gum disease

  • Continual acid reflux destroyed his upper teeth

Earl's before and after smile who become a cosmetic dentistry candidate
Earl’s Story

Earl had become sick with stomach problems and was continually having acid reflux, which destroyed his teeth. He lost almost all of his upper teeth and was in danger of losing the lower teeth. Dr. Mitchmore worked through his illness and recreated his new younger look with dental implants, replacing the upper teeth and conservative crowns and veneers on the lower teeth. Earl got his life back!

  • Same-day implants for the upper teeth

  • Crowns and veneers on the lower teeth

  • Chipped and worn teeth

  • Crooked teeth

A actual patient's before and after smile who become a cosmetic dentistry candidate
Actual Patient Story

Our young Ph.D. history professor looked like a homeless kid. By willing to do it the right way, he was patient to have adult clear orthodontics to get the teeth back in position before placing the synthetic enamel ceramic veneers to create a very handsome and sexy new look!

  • Orthodontics to align teeth

  • Veneers to restore chips

  • Laser to even the gumline

  • Gum recession

  • Crooked teeth

Jarred's before and after smile who become a cosmetic dentistry candidate
Jarred’s Story

Jarred is quiet but very intense. He was born missing a lower back tooth, and the baby tooth hung on until he was now in his upper 30s. The baby tooth was starting to finally come loose. The size of it through the bite out of alignment, making his teeth shift and gums to recede. He had clear adult orthodontic treatment to realign the bite. The baby tooth was removed and replaced with a single dental implant. The icing on the cake was gum grafting to cover up the exposed roots. Jarred was so impressed with the service and care he referred his fiancé to have her smile restored too!

  • Orthodontics

  • Gum grafts

  • A dental implant

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