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  • Effective Oral Hygiene is Key to Disease Prevention While Wearing Braces
    While braces are a tried and true method for achieving a more attractive smile, they may also give rise to problems with dental disease. This is because their hardware — Read more
  • Osteoporosis Can Cause Complications For Some Types of Dental Work
    October 20th is World Osteoporosis Day, putting the spotlight on this degenerative bone condition and the impact it has on millions of people. Not only does it significantly increase the Read more
  • Protecting Your Tooth Enamel
    Ever wonder what is your bodies’ strongest substance? Believe it or not, it’s your tooth enamel. This superhero protects your teeth against erosion, temperature extremes and damage, preventing the onset Read more
  • How to Break Up With Bad Breath
    Bad breath is no fun. Half the time, you don’t even know you have it, and when someone gets up the nerve to tell you, the humiliation can be excruciating. Read more
  • How Clear Aligners Can Fix Your Smile
    A nip and a tuck, a pinch and a squeeze. We all have a little something we’d like to fix, and your smile is no exception. Maybe it’s a crooked Read more
  • Eating for Oral Health
    Maintaining good oral health goes well beyond brushing your teeth and flossing every day – although you should definitely be doing that. Diet has a huge impact on your overall Read more
  • What Are Porcelain Veneers?
    Do you ever feel like hiding your smile because of stained, chipped or uneven teeth? You have multiple treatment options to consider, from dental bonding to getting new crowns. But Read more
  • Brighten Your Smile with Dental Bonding
    If small cosmetic flaws like chipped or stained teeth are affecting your confidence in your smile, you may be a good candidate for dental bonding. This simple procedure can be Read more
  • Are You at Risk for Tooth Erosion?
    Enamel is the great protector of your tooth surface. Over time, however, even this hard surface can get kinks in its armor. A literal daily spit and polish can help Read more
  • Warning Signs of Sleep Apnea
    Feeling tired? We can often pinpoint the reason: a late night out, disruption of a normal schedule, small children, daylight savings time, and other tangible circumstances. Consistently poor sleep can Read more
  • Get the Facts about Oral Cancer
    When you see your dentist regularly, they can clean your teeth, correct common issues like cavities, and help you keep your gums healthy. But there’s another way your dentist can Read more
  • What is an Implant-Supported Dental Bridge?
    Are missing teeth creating a gap in your smile? Do you suffer from a speech issues or a bite problem? These and other dental problems could be remedied with a Read more
  • Caring for Your Teeth When You Have Dry Mouth
    Chronic dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, is a common condition, affecting about 10% of all people. It’s most common among older adults and people taking medications. If it’s not Read more
  • The Benefits of Partial Crowns
    Life is full of imperfections. Luckily, we’ve got solutions to repair many common issues, and fixing some of your dental imperfections can be done quickly and easily. The use of Read more
  • Protect Your Teeth from Dental Tartar
    Most likely, you’ve been drilled (pardon the pun) on the health benefits of brushing and flossing your teeth every day, but do you know why it’s so important? Practicing good Read more